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Tom van der Kley
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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The year comes to an end and the season is for the most of us done for this year.

When I look back, I must say that it was a good one for each one of us. We had a lot of good memories made over the last months and a lot of kilometers on our tires. 

From the founding Party of Denmark I to the fall meeting in the US, it was a successful and overwhelming season. 

The International Convention held this year in Johnstown PA, was hard work but also a lot of fun. A lot of new friendships were made, and even more questions answered. 

What stays forever in my mind, was the European Rally, hosted by Netherlands I, that has been a huge success and a blast for everyone that showed up at the Rally. One special day stays also in my mind when our chapter was returning from the European Rally, stuck in traffic jam on the Netherlands highway and doing line dance to Country music from our Harley speakers on the highway, cheering up everyone that saw us there.

I also had the honor to reward one of our Members ( Sven Coopmann ) with the Outstanding Contribution Award. 

And then comes the biggest point. We had the opportunity to step in for hosting the International Convention 2023 due to that the original hosting chapter had to step down from it. Luckily Austria IV stepped in for it, and now we are in preparations for hosting it. I am sure that it is going to be a huge event and a convention that we never will forget.

Further I want to congratulate the new elected officers at the European Board to their new task, and I wish them good luck and a good hand at their new task.

I also want to congratulate and welcome the new International Secretary and Region 4 Director to the International Board. From what I have seen at their first meeting in the fall, I am sure that we will work good and efficient together.

The last thing to say is that I wish you all a good end of the year, cheerful holidays and a good health.
Stay safe Brothers and Sisters, and take care of your loved ones. 


Tom van der Kley
Regional Director Region 7
Red Knights International Motorcycle Club®

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