Who are the Red Knights

We are a worldwide motorcycle club for firefighters and their families. Firefighters all around the world have the same DUTY. Protect other people and manage a lot of different accidents, emergencies and catastrophes. The red knights have besides the fulfillment of their duty the hobby of motorcycle riding. And that is what the Red Knights MC are. A huge family of firefighters and bikers with the same INTERESTS. We don´t care about gender, race, skin, religion or language.

Our club is therefore open to all active or former firefighters. It does not matter whether you are a member of a professional fire department or a company fire department or whether you have served in a local volunteer fire department. Even if you are a member of a rescue organization that is directly affiliated with a fire department command, you are welcome to join.To join, all you need is a valid motorcycle license and access to a motorcycle.

If you also want to join our family, you can contact the Country Representative of your country or even easier call the President of your nearest chapter. You can find the addresses here. If there are no Red Knights in your country yet, the Europe Association or the Region 7 Director can help you.

You can find more information on our homepage