Fireman’s Prayer

(a song of tribute)

Words and music by Charlie Ball, performed by Plainfolk

Lay me down beside cool waters
Lay to rest my body sore
Send the words out to my brothers
The fire is down, let it burn no more

Let me be ready Lord when the call comes in
When the sirens wail and the engines strain
when the smoke is thick and the air is thin
When innocent lives Lord, in the balance hang

I’ve trained hard Lord, and I’ve learned well
That I’m just one part of the human chain
Though it’s been forged in the fires of hell
Still I’ve known fear Lord, and I’ve prayed for rain


If my brother goes down Lord, let me be near
Won’t you let me have what the flames demand
Won’t you give him voice, Oh Lord, and let me hear
And give me the reach Lord, for his outstretched hand

Let me be ready Lord if it comes my turn
Won’t you let me be strong, let me not complain
Won’t you let me go in and with a child return
Take me young Lord, but not in vain