Iron Butt

The Red Knights® Motorcycle Club, Europe Association is proud to introduce the Red Knights® Iron Butt

The Red Knights Motorcycle Club, Europe Association is proud to introduce the Red Knights Iron Butt Program. The goal is to motivate all Red Knights to ride their motorcycle more often and visit more chapters.


  1. All Red Knights in good standing, can participate.
  2. Only Riders can participate, not their passengers.
  3. During one year (January 1. till December 31.) you must ride minimal 10.000 kilometers (6220 miles) on your bike.
  4. Rental bikes or a second or third bike count also.
  5. Submit Proof of your 10.000 km by rental agreement which state the kilometers (miles) or photos of your odometer of your bike(s) before and after you enter the program. Please sent the pictures of all your bikes together with your application.
  6. Applications and pictures (not bigger than 100kB) can be sent to our email address: awards(at) Submit your entry no later than January 31 of the following year or as soon you reached your goal.
  7. The application must be signed (E-Mail count as signed) and will be based on trust. Any fraud or false application will disqualify for life and will be published on the website. Decisions made by the Program Manager are final.
  8. The Program consists of an award and a patch. All awards and patches will be sent in the month of February.
  9. The cost will be Euro 10, paid to the bank account of the Europe Association

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