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International convention

Don’t forget to register for the biggest event on the Red Knight’s agenda this summer. The Leipzig International convention.

Meet Sisters and Brothers  from all over the world and make a great party together.

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International Convention 2024, Germany

15. - 18.08.2024

Leipzig, Germany

We are...

.. a worldwide motorcycle club for firefighters and their families. Firefighters all around the world have the same DUTY. Protect other people and manage a lot of different accidents, emergencies and catastrophes. The red knights have besides the fulfillment of their duty the hobby of motorcycle riding. And that is what the Red Knights MC are. A huge family of firefighters and bikers with the same DUTY. We don´t care about gender, race, skin, religion or language.







Become a Red Knight

WHEN YOU want to become a Red Knight, go the easy way. Check our RULES and look on the MAP if there is a Chapter near your area. If not, ask your local COUNTRY REPRESENTATIVE or the president of the nearst Chapter. 

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You have be a current or past firefighter. Call, volunteer, full-time, makes no difference. Or an EMT or Medic if you are under the control of an established fire department. Further you must have a current, legal motorcycle endorsement and you must own or have access to a motorcycle. That´s it.

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